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A private promise fulfilled from the afterlife !

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A friend who is a regular website reader emailed me with a special "observation" and request. She had been reading about EVP on my website and took note of a particular recording on this page "HOSPITAL SPIRITS"

My friend, Patricia Stockman-Beatty, of Ann Arbor, Michigan,, was shocked to hear a familiar phrase from this EVP selection..."DREAM TIME"... which was the subject of a pact between her and her lifelong lover (named MHAICA) who vowed that whomever passed away first would use that cryptic phrase in any attempts at communication from beyond the grave. This code phrase came from the title of a book written by a close mutual friend of theirs. Listen (click here) to that original EVP voice recording captured while I was walking down the hall in a quiet hospital ward. As unbelievable as it sounds, this shouting voice simply was NOT audible to the human ear, and no televisions, radios, or conversation was heard at any time while recording.

These individuals had been involved in lifelong studies of the paranormal, and possessed some very special talents in those areas. My friend speculated that perhaps Mhaica had become aware of my communications with her, and was attemping to communicate with her through me.Also, it was pointed out that Mhaica was a neural surgeon known to have worked in Texas, making the association of EVP captured in a hospital more of a relevant possibility.

It would not be the first time that I had been brought into service as a "medium" source for voice communication through EVP. So...I then offered to go a step further...I would conduct a special EVP session for the sole purpose of contacting her life mate from beyond the grave. I would conduct a new session and specifically ask for Mhaica to use those code words mandated in the pact between the two of them !



EVP collection methods are not perfect, and neither are the actual audio selections. It is not known exactly how the Electronics Voice Phenomenon is accomplished by the spirit world. I have observed, however, that spirits may occasionally mention to me that their "energy" requirements are low, "losing energy" or"low energy" are examples of common messages received and are usually followed by fading of the voice for that particular session. It appears that they may be using ambient noise (white noise) as energy for the composition of the words in their messages. Therefore, some words may not be perfect, or may sound incomplete as possibly the sounds neccessary for that word are not available as desired. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make the mistake of fretting over one or two words that invite disagreement from individuals. Instead, try to take the message as a whole and assign the best interpretation in keeping with the objectives of the session. Take the entire selection as a large picture, which could easily have one or two pieces missing, (when looking at the picture as a whole it becomes clearer) Differences in hearing abilities of individuals, and differences caused by replay and processing of different audio systems also can seemingly change parts of words in EVP segments.

Remember the old days of Ham radio? Signals would fade in and out, vary in amplitude, be constantly in the presence of unwanted noise such as hissing, clicks, pops, buzzing and so on. EVP is much the would seem to be hampered by it's own set of variables and detractions.

Experience is of tremendous benefit in training the ear when working with EVP audio translation. As an analogy, consider that a trained musician in the concert audience can easily pick out individual instruments from the symphony orchestra, and separate them from the other instrument chairs in each section, whereas the average listener may only be taking in the sum of effects of many instruments at once...thus limiting their awareness to basic composits and taking their enjoyment from the melody and total effect. Likewise, the experienced EVP ear can more quickly and more accurately tune into the sometimes very subtle and low amplitude voices of the spirit.
Be aware that any electronic processing ( filtering, equalization etc) of EVP segments after original processing by an experienced technician can run a high risk of losing frequencies (such as harmnics,high freq. hiss, etc.) integral to the essence of the message. Over-processing will cause deteriation of the message.
about Richard L. Smith
Field Paranormal Investigator, EVP specialist, author, and founder/webmaster of

As a paranormal Investigator, I was naturally led into the study of Electronics Voice Phenomena because of my background in electronics, beginning with schooling and service as an enlisted petty officer with US Naval Intelligence (aviation) in the operation and maintenance of audio and video analysis systems of radio and radar signals. I was Aircrew trained as an "Operational Intelligence Equipment Operator", cleared for "Top Secret" operations and flew over 100 missions with a Naval Aviation Recon Squadron.

My approach to EVP study has taken me beyond the normally "random" EVP audio presentations usually seen by the public, and my criteria requires that the spirit take the time to communicate back and forth with reliability and purpose. I have identified particular spirits by name, some who are acting as "guides" , and others who are just what I refer to as "spirit companions".

One spirit in particular who calls herself "Rachael" has a seven year history of EVP communication with me, and claims to have lived with me in a previous incarnation as my wife while I was a merchant sea captain in the late 1700's and early 1800's.

I give private instruction in EVP technique in Alvin, Texas and am the author of the book "Everyplace I Go is Haunted."


Alvin, Texas USA Saturday February 23 approx 4 PM Central time, weather: clear, 75 degrees F.winds 5-10 mph

To contact MHAICA, lifelong mate to (name witheld). . A CODE WORD "DREAMTIME" was given to Richard as the identifying word which Mhaica had promised to use in any after death communication with my friend (name witheld)..

Session was conducted at the residence of Richard L. Smith, on the front lawn in a spot sheltered from the public. (Some traffic can occasionally be heard in the background). NOTE: background noise has been found to be beneficial in the EVP session.

A personal meditation stating the objective was carried out by Richard prior to recording . This meditation called for the target spirit (Mhaica) to speak in the session and to use any personal information which may help identify the relationship between the two .



open your QUICKTIME Player and leave running on your task bar.


In the first seconds of a one minute 22 second session, a spirit voice was recorded with the following message. It is belived this is the voice of our target.

BRIEF- EDITED VERSION 1-after filtering 1.6 meg

" STOP...praying she'll hear me...she'll ask me...DREAM TIME...means I Love Her" click here to listen to .wav audio

FULL- NON EDITED VERSION 2-after filtering 3.5 meg

___"Angels...keeping in touch (this from unknown voice) STOP...just praying she'll hear this...she'll ask me...DREAM... TIME... thank him for asking...many times I've spoken this...MEANS I LOVE HER" click here to listen to .wav audio



IN HIGHLIGHTED AREA- "The Angels...keeping in touch"

IN HIGHLIGHTED AREA- " STOP...just praying she'll hear this..."

IN HIGHLIGHTED AREA- "She'll ask me..."

IN HIGHLIGHTED AREA- " DREAM TIME... thank him for asking..."

INHIGHLIGHTED AREA- "Many times I've spoken this"

IN HIGHLIGHTED AREA- "...Means I Love her "



"Get your Daughters, cry for your sons" click to hear EVP

I Love you Peanut- Howie" click to hear EVP

(no one has yet identified these two spirit voices)

AND, as always... Richard's EVP spirit companion of seven years makes it known that she is there...

"Rachael's right here, Mr Smith" click to hear EVP

A new EVP segment is conducted Sunday Mar 9, 2008 at 1:00 PM central time- (name witheld-using assumed name Mhaija) gives a special message to be delivered by Rich for comment from the spirit world....

First, you will hear Rich's voice as he delivers the message... Listen carefully and you will also hear the male voice saying "Yep" inbetween Richs words at one point...

RICH SPEAKS>>>"The question, as posed by (name witheld-using assumed name Mhaija), in her words, is tell them .."YEP" (EVP) Mhaija says she's so tired that it just doesn't matter anymore..." (spirit answer) "It's must trust in me...Help me to shock people !" (note: Is this Mhaica again ?)

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to entire EVP including Rich's voice

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to "Its real, you must trust in me"

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to "Help me to shock people !"