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There has been an increasingly large amount of reports filed with UFO agencies in the last year or so that resemble the "orb" like object on left. These objects are usually seen in groups which appear to stay in close formation, and several groups have been seen performing manuevers which resemble roller coasters, and even have been reported making "impossible" right angle turns, and moving at impossible speeds. Frequently these orbs are seen in triangular formation, and are often reported as a description of a triangular craft (although that cannot always be substantiated). Colors are varied, mostly red and orange, although some have been observed in shades of white, blue, and green.

It is commonly believed that sightings of this description may be objects which do not travel physically as we are accustomed, but theories suggest they might be moving about dimensionally, through methods which allow "shortcuts" through space by wormhole-like areas, or even by using a possible advanced form of "thought" energy.

The term "flap" refers to any period of time with unusually high numbers of UFO sightings being reported within a relatively defined area.




Below find two reports noted by Interdimensional Communications, Alvin, Texas and immediate surrounding area- one a likely UFO, and one not so likely!

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1. EXAMPLES-Recent Local UFO reports, South of Houston, TX
*UFO not likely* Location- ALVIN, TEXAS-Date and Time- 11/05/2012-22:30
*UFO likely* Location-SANTA FE, TEXAS-Date and Time- 05/04/2012-22:25)

An irregular line of lighted orb shaped objects were spotted above the roof and tree line in the west side of Alvin. The objects were sighted from a porch of the family apartment about one mile northwest of the Alvin High School. and appeared at first to be hovering in their respective spots while the lights appeared to waver in intensity.

There were seven or more lighted objects in the line, with colors showing as different shades of greens and blues, with the last one on right (viewed left=south, right=north) being a reddish color. The objects when viewed from apartment steps appeared to be about the size of a quarter when held out at arms length.

The sighting lasted approximately 5 minutes and were viewed with a pair of binoculars. The objects were reported to look "box shaped" through the binoculars. The objects were reported to have slowly moved upwards independently of each other and gradually winked out of sight as they ascended.

CONCLUSION: Not a reliable UFO report: The behavior of theses reported objects is highly suggestive of lighted paper lanterns. The UFO objects that are reported as similar in color and shape do not move slowly but rather will typically take off in opposing and right angle directions at extreme speeds. The length of time viewed was suspiciously long as well.

Reported by Cheryl Head, trainee at InterDimensional Communications, Alvin, Tx.



Calls regarding RECENT sightings are welcomed by the National UFO Reporting Center Hotline at

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The hotline is staffed 24 hours a day



While driving east from Santa Fe on FM Road 1764 approaching the Dog Racing Track (on right) and Walmart (on left). Directly in front about a half mile ahead is Interstate 45S, AKA The Gulf Freeway.

Description-Seven circular balls of white to orange light's taking on to different spectacular flying formations in the sky.

EXCERPT:..First sighted a light begining to "pick up speed from a tiny red like dot in the lower part of the sky oncoming from the south east of me headed west as if it were may be originally running along parallel to the sea shore and/or coming in from The Gulf of Mexico out of Galveston. Then it seemed to have hooked a sharp 90 degree turn of some sort to the north, headed in my direction but ahead of me which would have been some where around IH 45 I guess. This was when I could clearly see that it just wasn't one light I was looking at. I could have sworn I was seeing a whole string of these things, as many as 40 plus? What ever they were began to make different formations, three abreast, and side by side in two column’s with one column slightly ahead of the other in multiple pairs of a distinct total of six and so on. I even saw them shift from this to the typical triangle type image you can find on Youtube in that all you could see was the lights themselves, no structure of any kind if any attached . Then back to a single perfectly aligned long row just one after another headed back to the west."

"I do in fact distinctly remember was that when they crossed over the high way in front of me, almost directly over head as I had to look nearly straight up through the upper part of my windshield from rolling to a gradual complete stop not expecting them to turn like they did and cross the highway. I counted 7 individual lights one right after another in single file as they crossed the high way. They were a sort of a hazy orange in color at this time and about the size of an orange regarding the distance in the sky from me in which I was watching. There was a darker solid looking orange ring around the circumference of it with no glow, tail,etc."

Reported to NUFORC by David Kiff, 38 yr veteran of Galveston Police Dept.

David Kiff is an associate of InterDimensional Communications located in Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston.



First thing is to make up your mind right now what you will do when and if you actually find yourself watching something you think may be a UFO. Do not wait till it happens to decide if you want to go through the motions of recording this event for future study by experts. If you are really interested in the phenomenon, then start now and make it happen!

Make a small kit of a few things you might need and put those things in your car. We'll make a list here of some of the main things and you can add to it as you consider the possibilities. You will actually find that these materials might come in handy for many occasions other than the "rare" UFO sighting, and your car is usually close by wherever you go. If appropriate, try to get another person to also watch with you...discuss details as you are watching to reduce the possibility later of differences .


GOOD: small pocket notebook, reliable ball point PEN, a small compass.

BETTER: as above, with the addition of a pocket recorder, (faster than writing, you may not have much time!) binoculars (get a good close look!) Good quality camera ( cell phones are pretty handy these days).

BEST: add to the package a video recorder, HD, with low light capabilities. You can talk to it and record video as well!

Time is of the essence when you think you may have spotted a suspicious craft either in the sky or on the ground or even in the water. Safety is a main concern as well, so get off the highway to a safe spot quickly and safely. Don't waste time thinking should I or shouldn't I. This is why we are having you prepare mentally now. Just get to the best place where you can operate safely and efficiently. Important--For best results always make an effort to SUPPORT your camera when taking pictures! If you are just holding your cam in your hands without a solid support to lean against, you will wind up with a poor quality out of focus pictures which will be ultimately unconvincing.

Try to also include in your camera action some type of visible structure such as buildings, trees, etc., which can be used later to guage distance and relative size. This can be the difference between a good report photo and a worthless one.

Are you really serious about UFO reporting?

If so, then it is recommended that you actually practice photographing aircraft both in the day and night. This will prepare you for the much more difficult challenge of catching that fast moving UFO when you get the chance. Also, it could be a lot of fun to arrange for a camping trip away from the city lights, and take the night hours to do some serious observation of the heavens. You will be shocked to find that there are many more unusual things in the night sky nowadays than the average person realizes. With the majority of people living now in city areas, the overwhelming city lights literally make it such that children are growing up into adults now who have literally never seen what the natural nightime sky looks like with the milky way, billions of stars, and the much more common appearance of UFOs.



Whose "word" is most highly regarded?

We frequently see on television UFO shows that some of the rarest and most highly regarded UFO reports are received by individuals whose experience, training, and records of performing under duress and challenging circumstance, are the qualities considered to be most valuable by researchers who compile and study these reports.

What qualities are considered desirable from the reporter of a UFO incident?

Police Officers, for instance, are among those individuals whose reports might be given very careful study. They are considered to be truthful, down to earth and not prone to exagerration, and just plain difficult to talk into believing any story that might not be truthful. It is a part of their job to be observant and methodical about everything they do...their lives can depend on it in situations that happen out of the blue and very quickly without notice. It is appropriate, however, to note that police officers are not trained in any way to record details and conduct investigations of UFOs.

But...speaking of "out of the blue".

UFO Sightings- A Natural for the aircraft Pilot!

The winner, hands down, of the category of most valued reporters of UFO incidents is the aircraft PILOT. The Pilot lives, works, and plays in the very location of the elusive target of which we speak.

The experienced pilot is not going to be fooled by any nonsense in this regard at all. There is probably no job, or undertaking of any sort that demands more self discipline and cool, calm, intelligent demeaner than the operator of an airplane!

If he says it's a UFO...then it's a damn UFO. End of story. And if he says the observation was not sufficient for any number of reasons to produce a qualified judgement, then you can be certain that nothing has been left to chance.

Why am I so adamant about this group of people? For two reasons...One, It's just a simple fact that has been tested over time by serious, qualified, researchers of UFO-alien phenonema. Two, because I am fortunate to have a great deal of aircrew flight experience when serving in the Navy, and later, having obtained my private pilots license and having owned aircraft of my own.

Although I have experienced such familiarity with the skies ( I am no longer an active pilot), and have also been working with the paranormal for decades, let me introduce you to a friend of mine.

It will benefit you to take the time to see how differently an experienced Pilot views the UFO phenomenon!

Ken Franks and I first met when in the Navy many years ago. We flew as aircrewmen in the same unit, and logged quite a few hours under considerably less than "optimum" conditions, as there is an inherent danger involved with any flight ops with the military. But like they say, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger (and smarter)"

Ken has been an active FAA Commercial Licensed pilot, flying recreational since 1964. He was a FAA air traffic controller (ATC) who first worked in the Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC-ZME) in Memphis, TN, and later at the Nashville Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT-BNA). Ken now owns and operates an airfield in Nashville, TN.

Ken Franks tells of one common error made in UFO reports

"During my years as an ATC at ZME I frequently worked air refueling aircraft (KC135 & KC97) refueling B-52’s and other large aircraft. Occasionally I would work a KC135 refueling a four-ship fighter flight. While working at BNA ATCT I frequently saw situations that would appear to be in abnormal flight, i.e., a light would stand still and then make an immediate 90 degree turn speeding up, then stop, then make an immediate turn to the left and speed up. I can easily understand how a person could interpret the sight as an abnormal flight, when actually it was a normal approach of an airliner to the Nashville airport.

An example of how the above incident was generated by an aircraft in a descent from a high altitude cruise level on a heading of 270. The aircraft turns on their first set of landing lights when leaving their cruise altitude. Later, they will turn on another set of lights as they pass through 10,000 ft. in altitude. While in a constant descent, the aircraft appears to be standing still. As the aircraft is radar vectored to the airport, it will proceed to a point of 5 or 6 miles from the airport, then turned to a down-wind heading of 200 (180 degrees from landing direction). This turn will then make the aircraft to appear to go from a standing-still light to a light rapidly moving to the right. Then when the aircraft is 7 to 10 miles beyond the airport, the controller will turn it on a “base leg” of a heading of 270. The turn will again make the aircraft light to appear to stand still. Then the radar controller will turn the aircraft to a final runway heading of 020, making the light appear to move rapidly to the left."

Ken states that he is skeptical of most UFO reports, and that particular attitude is proven to be a good one, as the record does indeed show that the majority of UFO sightings reported by the public are in error. But you may be surprised now to learn that Ken actually does have his own UFO sighting to report!

SEE the difference ...

I hope you will all take the time to read this report by Ken on his personal experience with an unexplained aerial sighting. It will help give the aspiring UFO observer an awareness of the many variables to be considered when witnessing a UFO.

The time of Ken's UFO incident occurred during the third week of August, 1981. The time of day was approximately 9:30 p.m. CDT. It was a clear night and there was no moon, giving a very dark night.

Ken writes: "I was flying a Cessna 150 aircraft that was equipped with a mounted advertising sign below the aircraft’s high wing. The sign, through lighting, was used to advertise with a moving message, something like signs you see on signs posted in front of banks. I was flying over southern Lawrence County, TN about 25 miles north of Muscle Shoals/Florence, AL., at an altitude of about 1,500 ft. MSL., flying on a general heading of south (180).

I noticed a bright light at my 2 o’clock position (roughly 240 degrees)above me at an estimated altitude of 8,000 ft to 10,000 ft. on a heading of 090. It was about the size of size of the end of a pencil eraser, when held at arm’s length. At the light’s six-o’clock position, about 2 miles behind it, there were five small lights that appeared to be in a lose formation. They were about 1/10th the size of the large light and had a candle power of 1/5th that of the larger light. As the lights proceeded from west to east (my 240 degrees to my 130 degrees ) the smaller lights closed in on the larger light. When at about my 160 degrees position the smaller lights merged with the larger/brighter light. At that point the larger light drastically increased in speed and soon disappeared in the eastern sky.

I was shocked at what I saw, not wanting to admit that I had viewed an UFO occurrence. Being a former ATC at ZME I still knew the radar sector frequencies. I changed my aircraft radio to the ZME Muscle Shoals Low Altitude Radar Sector (Surface to FL230(23,000 ft.)). I asked the controller if he had any air refueling going on in his sector. He replied in the negative. I then asked if there were any formation flights in his sector. Again, he replied in the negative. I asked if he had ANY AIRCRAFT/radar targets within 40 miles of MSL (Muscle Shoals VORTAC). This question was to ensure that the targets were not flying VFR (visual flight rules, not requiring ATC control). He again replied in the negative, excluding my aircraft’s target return. I then switched to the ZME High Altitude Sector above me(FL240-FL600). I again asked that controller the same questions. He too replied in the negative to the questions.

I know what I saw and having flown in the Navy as an Electronic Countermeasures Operator in both the EA3B and EC121M aircraft, with a Final Top Secret security clearance, then with years of personal flying and finally with my experience in the radar and visual control of tens of thousands of aircraft, I feel that I’m qualified to make an evaluation of what I saw that night. I saw something that night that wasn’t a normal aircraft operation. It was an UFO, being that it definitely was not an "identified" flying object."

NOTE: from author of this article: Of course we know everyone does not have the capability to view a UFO sighting from the perspective of a pilot. ...Just wanted you to see the difference.

We need more people to take this thing seriously!! The government is hiding a great deal of information on this subject and most people feel it is their right to know about extraterrestrial life. Again, most people haven't even taken a single moment to look at the night sky in years! If enough people would participate in this venture, eventually maybe enough pressure could be put on our government to let up and disclose the truth.


left: Ken Franks- right: Coleman Conley

Vietnam Era- Electronics Intelligence Equipment Operators- Petty Officers USN

Richard L. Smith- webmaster this site and Paranormal Investigator

Vietnam Era- Electronics Intelligence Equipment Operator-Petty Officer USN