Presented here are recorded EVP voices from an unidentified source that appear to be other than the normal deceased human spirit voices often received by digital recorder.

Recording techniques used in these audio sessions may use protocols not normally used for EVP spirit recording, such as digitally reproduced phonics sounds in substitute for "white noise" and computerized methods and special software for recording process.

Please read before proceeding !

EVP collection methods are "not perfect", and neither are the actual audio selections. Don't forget we are talking to entities who seem to be communicating from another dimension, and it is not known exactly how the Electronics Voice Phenomena is accomplished by the spirit world. I have observed, however, that spirits may occasionally mention to me that their "energy" requirements are low. Therefore "losing energy" or "low energy" are examples of common messages received and are usually followed by fading of the voice for that particular session. It appears that they may be using ambient noise (white noise) as energy for the composition of the words in their messages. Therefore, some words may not be perfect, or may sound incomplete as possibly the sounds neccessary for that word are not available as desired.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make the mistake of fretting over one or two words that invite disagreement from individuals. Instead, try to take the message as a whole and assign the best interpretation in keeping with the context and objectives of the session. Take the entire selection as a large picture, which could easily have one or two pieces missing, (when looking at the picture as a whole it becomes clearer) Differences in hearing abilities of individuals, differences caused by inferior replay systems, and additional processing by different audio systems also can seemingly change parts of words in EVP segments.

The wide variation of receiver and playback devices that the public may use to replay these audio samples will always cause major differences in the replay of these audio samples. Of course, in our working audio lab , we have an excellent system for analysis and sound reproduction and all equipment operating methods are "standardized" so as to provide repetative and reliable results. Any audio processed here in our studio and replayed in any home PC system will suffer a negative quality differential.

Remember the old days of Ham radio? Signals would fade in and out, vary in amplitude, be constantly in the presence of unwanted noise such as hissing, clicks, pops, buzzing and so on. EVP is much the would seem to be hampered by it's own set of variables and detractions.

Experience is of tremendous benefit in training the ear when working with EVP audio translation. As an analogy, consider that a trained musician in the concert audience can easily by ear pick out individual instruments from the symphony orchestra, Their experienced ear/brain connection can separate those instruments from the other instrument chairs in each section, whereas the average audience listener may only be taking in the sum of effects of many instruments at once...thus limiting the audience awareness to basic composits and taking their enjoyment from the melody and total effect. Likewise, the experienced , trained EVP ear can more quickly and more accurately tune into the sometimes very subtle and low amplitude voices of the spirit.

Be aware that any electronic processing ( filtering, equalization etc) of EVP segments after original processing by an experienced technician can run a high risk of losing frequencies (such as harmonics, frequency range, etc.) integral to the essence of the message. Over-processing will cause deteriation of the message. RICH


For Best Results Repeat EVP Messages at least 3 times to allow the "Ear/Brain" mechanism to adjust to the subtle differences from Earth Speech

1. "I Love You Earthmen" Love is the universal language. "Love" and "energy" are probably the two most common words we hear repeated on EVP recordings.

2. Earths madness awful.wav 'nuff said. We agree.

3. zero-zero-zero to Earth-there has been an error sir.wav This amazing message was recorded immediately after contact with an alien entity faded out...This recording is very weak, but listen to it 3 or 4 times if you have trouble.

4. Earth critters terrify us-come without-close the doors.wav STORY- Laura, a student investigator, and I were conducting an EVP session in the audio studio and were using the digital method which seems to work best in obtaining voices of non-deceased or alien entities. We had not noticed the door to the studio being left ajar, and REX, (Richs 120lb. American Bulldog) stuck his nose in the space and pushed open the door. As REX entered the room, the voice spoke from our digital speech device . We had quite a laugh when we realized that the voice was referring to our pet and seemed to be quite afraid of the animal.

5. orbs will talk- theyloveyou- better tomorrow.wav Late in a session, our communications began to fade. Our contactee gave us this message indicating tomorrow would be a good day to talk again.

There are many opinions on "orbs". We know that the majority are photo artifacts such as dust and optical reflections. However, in many cases orbs have been observed by the eye as well as photographed by video when moving about individuals and objects involved in paranormal activity. I myself have been video recorded when asking for a particular spirit to appear and then observing an orb fly directly to me and circling my head, momentarily stop, and then move on. An EVP recording was at that time recorded with the voice of my intended spirit target. Also, I have been told by spirit voices that orbs are used as communication devices, and may actually contain the spirit energy and essence of an soul. In the previous EVP, it seems that our contactee is validating the communicative aspect of orbs.

6. we're runnin' energy .wav This one is indeed an unusual audio recording. The voice sounds distinctly inhuman, and frankly we have no clue what is going on here. All we know is that virtually all who listen to this audio in our studio hear the same thing. Something is "running energy" Perhaps we all are... RICH

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