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Rich experiences astral abduction trip with Aliens


Although I have experienced many actual apparitions and sightings of ghosts in my life , this is one of only two memories I have of coming face to face with an extraterrestrial entity of any sort, under any circumstances. And believe me, I don't take these things lightly and would never publicize an experience like this if I weren't very sure that it really happened. There just doesn't seem to be any other explanation for my experience other than to accept it as a real life event. It took me eight years to decide to finally put this experience in print before the public, so I hope you will take this as seriously as I.

In the early morning hours of the night of September 21, 2004, I suddenly found myself standing in an unlikely location, with all my awareness and acute senses in tact, even though only moments ago I was aware only of being asleep in my own bed with my wife and comfortably settled in for the night. As the event proceeded, my later conclusion could only be that I had actually transported somehow to another habitat, a planet perhaps, or another dimensional realm, and there experienced a lengthy contact with beings in that arena. Of course, we all (myself included) must at first consider if this was only a very "real" dream, and the truth is I held off for years even telling anyone (except my wife Mary) of this event because of the fear of ridicule over that very issue. However...take a look at this story and see if you could even for a second find anything about this that resembles a dream.

Upon finding myself safely back in my home after this adventure, I immediately went straight to my desk and began to write each and every detail as quickly as I could. After recording in note form as much detail as I could remember, I began to search for inconsistencies that were typical of dreams. I have always been interested in dream interpretation, and have read volumes on such, having applied this "note taking" method of dream analysis many times before. But in this case, everything was just too organized, too orderly, and there was no "dream-like" quality to the events. Things seemed to be in focus, I seemed to be indulging in extraordinary cross examination of myself (just doesn't happen in my dreams) and the progression of events seemed to follow logical sequences even though the scene was foreign to me and it did not seem like a normal Earth experience to me. Conversation seemed complete and scenes did not jump from place to place as dreams normally do. My recall of the event was excellent as well...another thing that generally does not happen with the average dream.

What then, shall we call this experience?

I could not then, and still cannot accept the common theory of my experience being an "unusual" dream. Nor can I see any pattern that suggests the well documented and well studied phenomenon of "Alien Abduction", as my experience simply does not follow that normally repetitive prototypical criteria that usually describes the UFO abductions. I am left, however, with one option that seems to fit like a glove in many ways and that is an explanation described as the "astral projection" phenomena.

Astral projection is basically described as an out-of-body experience (OBE) that results in the "spirit" form of the body or "astral body" separating from the physical body and actually traveling about dimensionally and most often within the astral plane which surrounds the Earth plane. In my case, however, it seems the boundaries were extended or combined dimensionally in my particular experience. Because of the decades of effort I have put into my paranormal studies, this does not seem far fetched to me and it is certainly not a unique experience for me when all my experiences are brought up and compared to the mystical big picture of my life.

Alien Astral travel (approx 4:30 AM) night of 9-21-2004

Suddenly I find myself in a warehouse, a few people milling about, there are hallways. I stop by a doorway in this warehouse, and I am asked if I need food. I'm then shown boxes stacked with fruits or vegetables inside them. I am asked to sample a banana-like fruit. It has pecan sized nodules inside, like peas in a pod, and tastes like grapes. Tastes fine but I'm not really hungry now.

I turn and am met by a pleasant human-like female outside the door; friendly, soft spoken, brown eyes, about 5' to 5' 2" and maybe 120 lbs. With dark hair, vivacious, lively and personable, she looks right into my eyes. I see familiarity and affection in those eyes. I am puzzled. I thought she was speaking to me before but then realize her lips are not moving. She takes me by my arm and into a meeting room with mostly women...few men. The women all seem similar in appearance, and I stand a full foot taller than the average in the room. The women are sitting and standing about as if waiting for some event to start. The few men are wiry and lean, short hair, and busy.

I am introduced to one of the males, her mate-(husband?), whereupon he produces a small metal container with scented liquid, puts a drop on his hands and then wipes it over his neck. Then he pulls my shoulders towards him, and hugs (Italian style) left and then right. Each time he gently touches his neck against mine. I can feel that scented liquid on my neck. He is respectful and soft spoken (again, I realize I'm not really sure that he is speaking out loud). He shows genuine, humble respect, not just for appearances or introduction. I am welcomed and then he is gone.

It seems a buzz of talking in room...I ask where I am.

My escort tells me she knows me well...I should follow her. Next we go down another hallway, up some steps with no siderails. Not nervous yet though we are proceeeding higher. Now we're walking along a wooden boardwalk and I can see over rooms below. Then noticing our approach to the end of the warehouse, I see a large square on wall (could be 20 feet sq. or more). At first it seems to be covered with a white smudge like whitewash. Getting closer I see smudges moving, swirling. Now those areas are changing like smoke, no, more like clouds. Yes it is clouds and I can begin to see through breaking areas an aerial view of a city. Some buildings can be seen here and there.

"You are down there!" says my female escort.

"What!?", I say...

She repeats "You are there, but here as well." Confused, I stare in amazement at the apparently "live" scene before me, I can begin to recognize the Galveston Bay, Texas City, the Gulf Freeway and occasional glimpses of Galveston County surrounding that freeway.

Amazed and now even more puzzled, I follow her down the boardwalk and outside into the streets. Outside I first noticed the low light conditions. It seemed like dusk and I could see no sun in the sky. Yet, there were quite a few people walking about. There was a street-like area which contained the moving people but no vehicles were seen here. Such a scene in our country would be unusual, rather stark and bleak in shades of black and white. Nevertheless, people seemed engaged in animated movements as if conversing, smiling, and all else seemed peaceful and normal.

A building across the way apparently has construction in progress on the rooftop. lt looked much like a familiar scene here at home. There we paused, sat on the ground to chat as we watched the rooftop across the street. A few others were watching as well. A large crane-like machine lifts a structure into the air over the roof. It resembles the upsidedown hull of a large boat, but I have no idea of what it could be. Suddenly one end of the structure falls free from the crane and crashes onto the roof near the side. A large piece of something breaks off and tumbles over the side, smashing onto the ground below. Sparks fly, easily visible in the low light and dust rains lightly down on us and a few of the passersby.

We run around the corner, holding onto each other and on the other side of the wall we breathe easier and smile at the brief excitement.Amazingly she takes this moment to pull me to her and for a brief instant I feel that maybe this is leading to an intimacy between us.

But then she looks into my eyes and tells me.."I am in another world, my world is different than yours as it has a higher spiritual vibration and it's citizens can utilize mental faculties in ways you are not familiar with. There is no crime, and love and respect for each other is the basis for our reality. Higher technology does not exist as you know it, as we are able to create many solutions to our needs by using 'thought energy'. We do however, engage in manual construction of many common things such as buildings, housing, energy production, and such institutions as are neccessary for our welfare and survival."

I once again found myself listening to her while focused on her compelling dark eyes. I decided to take a quick peek at her lips to see if she was moving them, but they were not. She immediately explained that the communication by mouth was not necessary and we were connected by their familiar way of mental dialog.

I wondered why she was so close to me physically and why I felt the intimacy. But she answered my unspoken question by stating that their way of life, which emphasizes love and respect puts out vibrations which are easily felt by humans as a stronger and more emotional or intimate response.

At that moment a woman stepped from the passersby and spoke privately with my "guide" and then parted and went on her way.

"A friend?, I asked"

"We are all friends", she replied, "She was curious about you".

She then said, "There is much you would never expect about, let me show you something" She then asked me to put my hands around her back as if to "hug" and then pull her body to me. I really felt awkward and I was afraid I was misunderstanding her, but she pulled my hands toward her and said "Go ahead". As I wrapped my hands around her back I was startled to find that cupped in my hands were two small but well formed breasts! I recoiled, not sure if I had really done something wrong, but she gave a big smile, anticipating my reaction.

"You see, there are lots of differences, physical as well as mental," she said. "The women here find this useful as we walk a lot and this way we can comfortably carry our babies on our back allowing them to nurse easily. And as for your reaction to our closeness just now, we do not experience discomfort from intimacies as you do because we are on a 'natural closeness' at all times by virtue of our telepathic connections".

After this she turned and led me back towards the building from which we had come, and we were walking through a hallway as I asked. "But why am I here? Why me? I really have a lot of questions"

Suddenly I heard a ringing noise...very loud. It confused me and I experienced a sort of fading of the scene around me.

And suddenly there I was, back at home in the bedroom, and I realized that if I looked at the clock it would say 5AM. The very same time that I received the phone call years earlier to notify me that my Dad had just passed away at the VA hospital in Houston. Since his passing I had received the same wake up call dozens of times at 5 AM, but upon fully awakening I found everytime that the phone quickly stopped ringing and no one was on the line..

A friend and associate with a great deal of experience in the UFO/Alien field states that in her opinion I was actually with that species of alien we all know as the Grays, (or Greys), and that my mind was influenced into "seeing" them differently than they really are in order to keep me from panicking. This may have been evidenced by my preoccupation with my "guides" eyes, as the Greys' alien eyes are huge, black, and quite commanding in nature. Also, it is possible that my memory was affected by them in order to change my overall impressions of what was really happening to me.

I am not so sure that the previous offering completely explains my experience. But I am pretty much left with no real evidence to back up this experience to a level of protocol that I would apply to any investigation in which I might otherwise participate.

So...I present this to those of you who realize that not every encounter with the paranormal can be documented scientifically. And when dealing with these types of encounters, we put this testimony under scrutiny based pretty much on the reputations and character of those who relate the story. Then we keep the information on file to compare with similar events which may occur in the future, with hope that more demonstrable evidence may follow.

Richard L. Smith, Director, IDC, LLC