Claireaudient Messages Examples received by Rich and Mary

(spoken messages heard by the human ear without the use of recording devices)

article by Richard L. Smith, author, webmaster, and Paranormal Investigator

For the last 20 years, Mary and I have been studying EVP (electronic voice phenomena), doing private research, and working almost daily with electronics techniques which allow us to receive and record digitally the mysterious voices of entities apparently outside our own dimensional existence. We have recorded many thousands of these voices, as well as established repeat visits with many spirits who claim to be past relatives and friends we knew in this life and even past lives. Our conversations seem to bear out their assertions by demonstrating knowledge of events and personal information that was heretofor private with those deceased individuals.

These entities, once they have formed a bond of "trust" with us, are often quite eager to communicate, and often will answer questions to the best of their ability. Limitations do exist. They usually state that they have only a certain amount of energy for their communication efforts by EVP, and also are bound by Spiritual and Universal Law which prevents them from interfering in our lifes goals and free will. Thus, conversations may only consist of a few sentences at any one time, and often these entities may decline to offer an answer to a particular question we may ask.

Is EVP the only way to hear these beings?

Apparently not. Of course we all have seen psychically gifted people who seem to be able to communicate quite well with spirits on their own, seemingly through some unseen etherial communication. I had not experienced that sort of free communication until working with EVP on a regular basis for some time. But now Mary and I have learned that our connection with other dimensional entities through EVP process has somehow allowed us to improve our psychic senses, and we are, as time goes on, hearing more and more messages from beyond without the use of recording devices.

Are human spirits the only beings who will communicate?

It would seem that we have, in fact, been the recipient of messages from many different forms of beings. This is somewhat speculative, but here I intend to just repeat some of these strange messages, from both EVP as well as claireaudient sources, and you will easily see that it is difficult to deny the possibility that we have established contact with beings of many possible origins.

Examples of possible alien (or "other beings") messages

1. EVP-While a student and I were conducting an audio session in our studio, we had neglected to shut the door tightly, and REX, our 120 lb American Bulldog, pushed open the door with his nose and strolled in. From a digital audio source being also recorded, we heard the following message... "Earth critters terrify us...come without!" click to hear (seems unlikely that a former human spirit would be "terrified" about the presence of a dog, Is this some other kind of visitor? an alien presence of some sort? Also, a session at first contact the next day, produced a request to "make sure the door was closed".


2. ALIEN Claireaudient event- Spoken in a male human sounding voice, I received the following messages as they were clearly spoken out loud in the bedroom of my home in early morning hours. I need to mention that I had for some time been meditating on the subject of alien communication and had asked for EVP/alien messages on many occasions as well. Also, the entity Julius, a regular communicator by an advanced method of digital communication, (who has been identified by psychics as my spirit guide) had discussed the alien connection with me in the past and I believe many of his messages were in fact presented by extraterrestrial intelligences.

Nov. 22, 2011- " We travel in non-nuclear ships."
"We want to remove all WAR from your planet. Beautiful Planet Earth."
"We need women with ovaries."
and finally "Thank you for your courage"

Needless to say, I was shocked by this message, and I immediately wrote it down as fast as I could (not wanting to omit a single word). The message is quite obviously of content that could be related to common ET/Alien themes.


3. Claireaudient voice in the night-I was awakened in the night by this voice, and able only to hear part of the long message. The part that I did hear, however, was disturbing as it seemed to hint of a coming disaster-like event.

Dec 1, 2011 - "Of course, many will lose their property and some will be mad but they will learn new skills..." preceeded and also followed by unintelligible speech)


4. Brief, strange Claireaudient messages-

** Dec 5, 2011 morning- (female voice, affectionate tone but loud!) "Hello Sweetie!" (note:This voice startled me and upon awakening fully gave me quite a chill down my body! This voice was so loud I was sure someone was in the house and I actually got up and walked around searching. I don't really know why I got chills on this one. That rarely happens to me even when I have been threatened by an entity, and this voice was obviously friendly!


** Dec 4, 2011 morning- "Hahahahaha (loudly) you've got to be kidding !!" I just simply have no explanation for some of these things. Believe me, there is so much that happens to us I will not make public in order to avoid ridicule. The "not so outlandish" ones are difficult enough to explain ! (this was early-3 AM- no one outside or around the house. We have a guard dog, as well as a computer driven security system with multiple cameras. These voices are from within the home)


** May 6, 2012, Globe, Arizona- room 7 at EL REY Motel- about 3AM
"Who 'are' you?" (indignantly) "You got a name or anything?" "How'd you learn all that psychic stuff?" (This is one of my favorite "out of the blue" messages. In the summer of 2012 Mary and I spent 10 days in Arizona, the whole state seems to be haunted with spirits, especially Tombstone. Check out my articles and listen to ghost voices from Arizona here.


** By the way, just for the record, Mary hears many of these entities. We always compare notes to verify as best we can that we are hearing the same voice. The following is one example...

Oct 1, 2012--3:55AM- Night visitor heard by both myself and Mary-three soft knocks were heard on front door (or from that general area), Mary still remained groggy but heard the knocks. I had awakened alert, and heard a voice (resembling Damon, Mary's oldest son) saying "Richard, it's me. Are you here?"

Thinking Damon was at the door, I got up immediately to go to the front room of the house. But no one nor anything was noted or seen, or heard. I opened the door to look outside and nothing was seen, again no more was heard. Checked with Damon next day and he said he was fast asleep at that time. Again, remember the security at the home backs up the quiet state of the property that night.

We have often heard the same three successive knocks in our previous house (next door) as well as in this house. But there was never a voice connected with the knocks till this occurrance. The knocks would happen in the old house as often as two or three times a week for weeks at a time. We just got used to them, and our reaction is usually just to roll over and go back to sleep.


Monday November 5, 2012 5:09 AM

I had an interesting Alpha state message last night.
5:09 AM I awoke hearing a voice consistently speaking...The volume of the male voice was just barely audible but I was able to make out clearly a few words and phrases as I listened.

It said: "You are both sleeping Alpha"
At that I was taken by surprise and began to lose my alpha waking state concentration. I heard a few more words but could not make them out, then I took a couple deep breaths and tried to relax back into alpha state and heard two more words clearly "your endorphins..." then more words I couldn't understand, then heard clearly the word "UFO" and then two more words "code words".

Oddly, at that time I heard Mary, still asleep, softly talking under her breath. could not understand her. I wondered if her super-conscious mind was communicating with them. By then my concentration was completely broken-- also one of our small dogs had come in and jumped on the bed and that was it.

I got up and wrote this down, and tried to relax later and could still hear the talking but could not make anything else out. This voice went on for at least 30 minutes.

I have tried to record upon hearing these types of voices many times before but it flat out will not work with recordings (all I get is just the usual EVP random voices). That probably indicates a telepathy of some sort, but Mary frequently hears the same thing I hear when we are both present and awake for the occasion. RICH