For the actions of a few, must the rights of the many suffer?

article by Richard L. Smith, Director,
InterDimensional Communications, LLC


GUESS already has! Watch this video. You will be shocked ay what you see happening on a large scale in New Orleans!

Due to the recent tragedy involving the mass murder of children and adults in Connecticut, there has been a public outcry for tougher gun laws, as if those laws will stop criminals (law breakers!?) from using guns to commit crimes!

But wait just a minute!! Connecticut already has some of the toughest laws on the books
in the US!

First- Connecticut law requires a person be over 21 to possess a handgun. the perpetrator was 20.

Second- Connecticut requires a permit in order to carry a pistol on one’s person, a permit the perp did not have. Classes must be attended in order to obtain the permit, and in most states FBI background checks are performed and anyone with a mental problem is excluded from ownership.

Third- it is unlawful in Connecticut to possess a firearm on public or private, elementary, or
secondary school property, another law the perpetrator clearly ignored.

Fourth-The state of Connecticut already has a law BANNING "ASSAULT WEAPONS". So, tell
me, what did that do for the 27 whose lives were lost? And the perp did not use that rifle anyway,
it remained in his vehicle.

And last- This crazed killer did not own any of the firearms in question, but rather he STOLE THEM, and he clearly had no regard for any law whatsoever in committing that crime or any other..

So.....what the hell do all these laws have to do with keeping insane killers from attacking innocent people ? And why, pray tell, should the law abiding citizens be kept in a vulnerable position of not being able to defend themselves from criminals by having their gun rights taken away?

And finally...Does anybody have the balls to ask why the PARENTS did not make an effort to correct and help their son with his known behaviors? And why did the parents have the guns readily available in the home to their son? Obviously he had no problem locating and walking out the door with the weapons!

Here in Texas we have felt the pain of watching a known mentally unstable man drive his vehicle
through a Luby's Cafeteria plate glass window in Killeen, TX, on October 16, 1991. Thereupon
he stepped from his truck, shot and killed 23 innocent people, and wounded 20 more before putting the pistol to his head and killing himself. Not a single other person on the premises was armed and he walked about the restaurant shooting at will. This killer was later described by others as unemployed, angry and withdrawn, with an attitude of hating women.

But wait just one more minute!! Isn't anyone out there noticing that these behaviors have clearly
been established as repetitive in past cases of mass murder, especially by younger persons?
Hasn't anyone stopped for one second to consider the "lame" lack of effective treatment for
mentally ill persons who are unable to look in the mirror at themselves and question the sick
patterns of their own behaviors?

Did you know that a mentally ill person cannot be forced to undergo treatment for their illness,
and that they must be admitted voluntarily for such treatment, in spite of the fact that
they cannot see their actions clearly and admit to their own illness? Doesn't anyone grasp the absurdity of this "voluntary" requirement from a person who clearly has LOST the capability to judge their own behavior?

It requires action by a court of law to commit that person for treatment and all they have to do is walk away until the cumbersome legal process is accomplished; that is, if any family or law agency actually has the time, money, and concern to actually go through that process. Hasn't anyone noticed the increasing numbers of homeless people on the streets of cities? Do they look "NORMAL" to you?

And what's worse is that apparently very few in our beloved country can see the real reason why "opportunity of the moment" is always seized to scream for disarming the public whenever possible, and the advantage of public disarming always lies in the interests of the controlling money and power status holders. In other words, corporate interests, politicians, and the associated military and police.

The apathetic ignorance of people in this country is causing loss of control of the very values upon which this country was founded, and the larger the population gets, the worse it will become.

Fasten your seatbelts people, it'll get much worse before it gets any better.

article by Richard L. Smith, Director
InterDimensional Communications, LLC