A Ghost With A Continuing Mission

The moving napkin mystery

Mary needed to use her nebulizer for breathing difficulties and the unit seemed to be vibrating against the wooden cabinet and making a racket. I remarked that we needed to find something soft that we could place inbetween the unit and the cabinet to quiet it down. At that precise moment, the thought of a linen table napkin (which we had in a holder on our kitchen table) popped into my head as a solution, and in a fraction of a second later Mary also spoke out loud that her idea was the same. Thinking it was just a coincidence at that point, I headed into the kitchen only to find a white linen table napkin completely opened and laying spread out on the kitchen table! At one end of the table, the napkin was unfolded, laying flat, and now occupied an entire 18" square space at one end of the table!

This was just not possible! I had just come through the kitchen before helping Mary set up the nebulizer, and had picked up my reading glasses from the table. I clearly remember noting that the table was cluttered with some mail, a small drink cooler, some dog treats and meds, and a few assorted other things. I made a mental note to clear it off later. The napkins were at that time firmly placed in their holder and pushed all the way back against the back wall (as the table was set up against that wall with chairs around the accessible sides only).

But although we were somewhat surprised at this odd development, many who know us well are aware that these kinds of things do happen around our house on a regular basis.

After returning to the bedroom I told Mary about the napkin, and we looked at each other and simultaneously said "The Whispering Cowboy!" Yes, we were certain this was Mary's friendly ghost, who always politely (as a Texas cowboy should be) shows up in our EVP conversations, ghostly apparitions, and even while filming investigations. Once he showed up speaking on a video cam as he politely said "Here Mary, have a seat." At that time we had moved to the second floor in a Victorian haunted house, and Mary had to walk with a cane due to her old injuries from an accident. There was a small sofa and the "Cowboy" had spoken exactly as Mary stood directly in front of the seat. Amazingly, even though at the time we could not have heard the cowboy words being spoken and recorded on the camera, still Mary actually stopped, turned, and sat right down on the sofa seat as if she had heard the concerned request.

In fact, Mary had once told the cowboy that he could visit at our house as long as he behaved, and did not enter the bathroom! He has been seen by guests standing in front of the bathroom door!

True to fashion, we are certain that he merely wished to help Mary in some small way on this day when she was needing help for her breathing issue.