by Richard L. Smith, author, webmaster, Paranormal Researcher and Investigator

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The Third Eye

Until I was well into my thirties, in every single dream that I can remember virtually all people had "three" eyes, the extra one being located on the forehead just at the eyebrow line above the nose. Until I was well into my teens I had not given that too much thought, but as I began to mature and achieve my independence from the religious "programming" of the masses, I realized that the significance of the "third eye" may have revelance extending vastly beyond the dreams of my youth.

My extensive time spent in libraries as a youth soon brought to my attention that the symbol of the All-Seeing-EYE had always been part of Earth's mythologies and creation mysteries.

In Ancient Egypt, it was symbolized by the Eye of Horus.

This symbol was passed down through the ancient mystery teachings and can still be found on the American dollar bill, located at the top of the pyramid structure on the back of the dollar note.

above: Egyptian glyph showing the Eye Of Horus

The Eye Of Horus is an Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon, and his right eye was associated with the Sun God RA who ruled in all parts of the created world: The Sky, The Earth and The Underworld.

The Egyptians worshipped the Sun as the sun was seen as the ruler of all of creation. RA is always shown with a sacred sun disk on his head which represents enlightenment and connection to Divine Intelligence.

The "All Seeing Eye" (also known as the third eye or the spiritual eye) is located in the center of the human brain in a gland called the PINEAL GLAND. This gland is oftentimes referred to as "the seat of the soul", and will remain dormant until the human soul reaches a certain vibrational/spiritual level. Once this is attained, the gland is activated by the LIGHT of the higher self, signaling the divine energies from the kundalini (root chakra) to rise, thus activating the human chakra system.

above: diagram of brain with Eye Of Horus superimposed upon the Pineal Gland

As you can see from the above diagram, the Eye Of Horus does indeed represent an accurate representation of the Pineal Gland location in the human brain, and it is thought by many researchers to be the actual center of extra sensory perception and spiritual wisdom for humans.

Ancient Greeks believed the pineal gland to be our connection to the Realms of Thought. Descartes called it the Seat of the Soul, as the gland enables one to see beyond the physical. The third eye is the observer of reality, or of the "illusion" of reality.