The Legendary Flying Beast of Native American tradition


In 1989 Kelli Eyde and I agreed to meet with George and Shirley Coyne, Directors of MUFFON MI, and Ginny (their hypnotist) in my home to be hypnotized for further research into my alien contacts for ongoing research and documentation They were unaware that I was actually part of a government team that had been hiding the necessary conclusive evidence from them that they had been seeking daily. I was 47 years old at the time.

We used the bedroom loft for our meeting, not realizing that someone had been into the home only minutes prior to the beginning of our session, and had planted a recorder near the lounge chosen for me to lie on. We discovered the recorder after my session, as Kelli’s hypnosis sitting had revealed that she had seen it in her mind. Kelli, the 21 year old daughter of a billionaire that owned the development that contained our gratis condo, then warned Shirley and Ginny of the recording device and also led them to a little door that covered the crawl space in the dormer.

Shirley took the recorder and tape for further evidence, bagging and labeling the instrument as evidence of tampering as they subsequently verified by hypnosis that we had not ourselves planted it. They conducted two sessions with me that day in the verification process.

While Shirley and Ginny were in the house with Kelli, George and I sat in the back of the house on the other side of the pond so our voices would not carry into the house and interfere with the session. We sat in two lawn chairs facing the back double sliding casement doors, seeing ourselves reflected in the glass while we talked. George was a retired scientist from NASA in Clear Lake, Texas, where I had lived originally, in and out of NASA as a consultant of AFOSI for years using the code name "Maija".

As we sat talking, the subject of the Mothman came up as it was a current concern of mine (I believed it to be alien in origin). George agreed with my analysis completely, and during our conversation I noticed something strange in the glass panes of the back deck’s sliding doors. I studied it intently, refusing to mention it immediately as I wanted to better understand what I was seeing.

Before I had said a word though, I heard George’s quavering voice asking me, "Pat, do you see that huge red, black and white bird in the pond in the door? See it?’ He gestured to the other side of the pond and door, while I sat mute, losing my voice for a few moments. That was just exactly what I was seeing, as I observed circles flowing around the feet and legs of the huge bird as it stood in the shallow water.

George then added: "I believe it’s a Thunderbird, and as part of the Mothman’s Prophesy, it means death for someone. I believe the warning could be for me, as I believe that I’m about to die very soon.

Finally, I spoke up, saying, "George, the problem with what you and I are both seeing is that the bird is only in the reflection on the glass door, but not in the actual space with us, see?" In fact, although we clearly could see the pond and the huge bird in the glass reflection, we absolutely saw nothing when looking straight into the pond except the ripples in the water precisely where its feet should be standing.

"Yes", George replied,"that’s why I waited to say anything as I noticed that right away. What is it, Pat, a dimensional thing or a hologram?"

Pondering my reply for a moment, I answered, "We have both seen many holograms, George, this is no hologram as the colors are too deep and the image too lucid. I think we are both seeing something in a dimension right beside us vectored to our attention by alien technology. I may be quite wrong, but that is my assessment."

Continuing to watch the scene we then both saw Shirley coming to the back door.As she went to open it, the huge bird lifted, leaving a splash and flew laboriously away, water dripping to the pond as it vacated.

Shirley opened the sliding door, looked up and said, ‘What was that?’

She admitted she never saw the bird, but knew it was there as she felt its draft from the flapping wings even though it was completely invisible to her sight.

George attempted to explain what we experienced, rising from his lawn chair to join her at the deck, whispering to me not to ever mention his fears of death as it would frighten her.

Joining the researcher at the deck, she asked me if I had ever seen the recorder she held in a bag.I suggested that Ginny put me under one more time if there was any doubt.

During the final session I then began to describe an alien civilization known as the "Tans". Their leader, Blanca, I remembered as a benevolent old alien that looked like a theatrical adaption of an alien female with the face of Whitley Strieber’s alien on the cover of Communion, and with her lower half formed like a wasp or bumble bee.

While under hypnosis, I repeated the words of Blanca as she said these words; "Into your care I leave the Miracle child I always saw as my granddaughter, Analysha" Analysha, who was 2 years old at the time, was very aware of the entities she called the "bug people". Kelli then described the same aliens under hypnosis, unaware that I had described them as well in my session while she was across the pond with George.

During these hypnosis sessions, Kelli and I were apparently given suggestions to not remember what was discussed. Even now I only know this story as Shirley later described it to me, and the report of the hidden recorder in the wall was never discussed.

Kelli just went to her car and drove away, with some hidden bond to never bring it up again.

As he predicted, George died shortly after.

Patricia Stockman-Beatty, Nov 2012